Final Clash New Version Buried Treasures Will Boost You Up in June!

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One day in the mysterious land, the fierce battle accidentally broke an ancient seal. After an earthquake a hidden place with roars and ruins appeared from the underground. Will it be the rain moistening the dry land or a demons’ trap Let’s check the Buried Treasures hidden in the ancient ruins:

In the upcoming version Final Clash: Buried Treasures, you are expecting the following new features:

  • New Dungeons:


Some precious treasures are hidden in the Void Echo, you will have to compete with each other to open the chests. The uncertainty of void requires every team to have one specific hero to stabilize the space for a fierce fight. The faster you win, the more you get!


Burning Lands absorb the void fire and melt the Outland resources into Morph Gear materials. The demons secure these treasures with powerful watchers, beat them and gather the Morph Gear materials to empower your gear with void illusion!

  • New Features:


Every distinguished warrior should be remembered and on the plaza there will be three statues standing for them: #1 of Arena, #1 of Apex Peak and #1 of Powers! You will have the right places to curve your names on! The daily worship will generate gems or gold for believers of Glory, while the DPS board provide you a place to seek for the highest DMG. You can send out your best hero to climb the DPS board daily for the handful rewards.

  • New Hero


Unstable and erratic. He loves a bloody battle and a good massacre. His only pursuit in life is to find an opponent that can finally defeat him. As his high speed leaves shadow for others to chase, he has to seek some challenges and the unknown power alone in the ruins. Time has gone by and he has been lost for a long time. It is time for you to recruit Giggle and bring him to a new home!

The new version Final Clash: Buried Treasures will be online in early June with multiple in-game and offline events, please subscribe to Final Clash Official Facebook or join in Discord for latest news and events! 

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