Chaos Chronicle Releases Battle-Ready Characters in New Update

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Today, Nexon announced that Chaos Chronicle will continue to challenge skills in the arts of war as the game rolls out its latest content update. The significant update, “Season Two,” is now available for new and returning players on mobile devices around the world via Google Play and the App Store now.

Chaos Chronicle Season II

The “Season Two” update elevates the action in fierce battles, welcoming new epic heroes that players can recruit. Players also can now craft equipment with the addition of a brand new Equipment Crafting system that can be used by special classes. The “Season Two” update also features:

Chaos Chronicle Season II

· Two Powerful, Unique Heroes to Recruit: The younger sibling of the Twelve Disciples, Juliana is a sword master with special powers, she uses her unique ability of Light Revivify to create a shield for all allies when damage is received; and Elto, who utilizes various potions to help heroes in battle by healing and buffing them, has the ability to reduce dungeon damage;

Chaos Chronicle Season II

· Legendary Dungeon ‘Den of Exiles’: Players can brave the newly added dungeon filled with guardian souls along with the exiled lords who fell to Satanis during the first War of Heaven and Hell.  Players will be able to acquire key materials for equipment crafting on each of the three floors of the dungeon;

Chaos Chronicle Season II

· Extensive Equipment Crafting System: A new class of Guardian Equipment will be added that can only be used by Grand Sages and Swordmasters.  Guardian Equipment can be crafted from materials gathered in the Den of Exiles and is exclusive to specific heroes;

Chaos Chronicle Season II

· Ellan’s Seal and Special Summons: Players who purchase items from the shop can add to Ellan’s points which can be traded in for ‘Ellan’s Seals’.  ‘Ellan’s Seals’ can be used for special summons, entering the Den of Exiles or crafting equipment.  The ‘Special Summons’ is a new feature that guarantees the player a Grand Sage or Swordmaster of their choice if the summons is used every day for 30 days;

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