Open-world PvP MMO Wild West Online Revealed

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Wild West Online is an open-world PvP MMO that caused an assumption on John Marston from Red Dead Redemption. Players will form gangs to either break or defend the law, roam the hinterlands, or settle in for a game of cards at the local saloon. PC Gamer has made an exclusive reveal for the game with Stephan Bugaj, creative vice president of publisher DJ2.


The creators of Wild West Online expect to launch a $250,000 Kickstarter at the end of the month, with stretch goals tied to additional funding. The team is already working a core version of the game, which they anticipate will arrive later this year regardless. The Kickstarter is simply meant to secure extra funding to expand its features. Wild West Online takes plenty of cues from Red Dead Redemption's excellent online mode only with one major difference: It's an MMO. No, this won't be the typical routine of questing and grinding levels, but a seamless open world using server shards where a few hundred players will coexist together or die trying.


Wild West Online is more than just a knock-off version of Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer. You won't just be locked into an endless game of cops and robbers. Players can also specialize as gatherers, like prospectors who mine for gold or farmers, and the resources they harvest funnel into a player-driven economy. "Resource gathering and building camps is going to have more of the social aspects of other MMOs," Bugaj said. There's a crafting system that relies on finding and learning recipes as well.


Unlike most MMOs though, Wild West Online won't necessarily feature an overarching progression or skill system. "It's something that we're still kicking around," Bugaj said. "There's going to be story, character, and gameplay-driven motives to keep playing, but we haven't yet fully worked out what the progression system is going to be for that." 


Interested gamers can head for the Wild West Online official website or the interview from PC Gamer for more detail information.




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