Crowfall - New Videos Show Graphics Overhaul and Massively Expanded Character Released

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By hansnowDate: May 16 2017 Views:


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Artcraft Entertainment have revealed a massive overhaul to the in-game graphics, as well as a whole new and expanded system of character customization for their sandbox “Throne War” MMO Crowfall.

Let's enjoy a video below to learn how and why Artcraft Entertainment made the change, and just how massive the new character customization is.

In addition, ACE have released another video showcasing the results of their partnership with the Unity Spotlight Team, an effort that takes the look and feel of the world of Crowfall to the next level.

Despite a more open character customization system being one of the most requested additional features for the game, it was previously thought to be an unattainable goal due to time and budget restrictions. This change, extended by the depth of options in the character customisation system known as Disciplines, will allow players to enjoy an almost limitless variety of possible character builds.


Crowfall is currently in pre-alpha testing and open to early access backers. For more information, please visit its official website here.

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