You Can Make Traps in Conan Exiles

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By hearstDate: May 12 2017 Views:


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The Update 26 of Conan Exiles introduces almost fifty new placeables, two traps and an update for modders to the game. 


Players can now make new defensive measures to their camp with the new traps. Unlocking the explosives feat allows players to craft an exploding trap and a vapor trap. Both traps can be placed anywhere and will trigger if someone steps on them. If exploding traps are placed quite closely together, they can set each other off in a chain reaction, creating a deadly zone of destruction. 


With this new update, players can also make dozens of new placeables and decorate. There are four new pillows, which look great when placed on top of other placeables, such as beds or benches, and a big new carpet, which can look cool in almost any room. There is a host of new pottery pieces, like bowls, jugs and mugs, plus several new trophies, such as a massive crocodile head.

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