Slots Gaming in 2017: Skill-based & VR

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The world of casino slots is about to change in leaps and bounds. The classic lever and flashing lights slots have not changed much. Perhaps different themes and lines have been diversified, yet little has been done to revolutionize the slot experience since its creation in 1981. Of course, slots have moved to the online sphere with various sci-fi or fantasy themes accompanied by impressive graphics and sound effects. Yet, a common thread remains. While a visually stimulating experience, slots have always been based on luck and excitement and this is quite frankly very boring.

Recently, a step in the right direction has occurred in Atlantic City. The introduction of skill-based games is changing the gaming landscape. The change stems from utilizing similar technology as the video gaming industry. You can find brand new intriguing slot sites on SlotSpinners to experience a new brand of gaming.

Slots Gaming in 2017

Catering To Millennial Gamers

A new generation of gamers is upon us and the gambling industry is quite aware of their new young audience. Slots have actually experienced a huge loss of around $60B since the 2008 financial crisis. To recover in a changing market, real money slots operators like Prime Slots casino have taken extensive measures. Even central authorities are recognizing the shift, as the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has approved new gambling devices. The approval made way for the arcade looking machines we see today. However, the newer machines tend to copy traditional games such as Frogger, Pac Man or Pinball. While arcade games may seem a bit archaic, they do offer a skill-based gaming experience with a higher sense of participation and thrill.

First-Person Gaming & Gambling

Then we move into modern games. Here is the secret sauce of gaming and gambling. Graphically attractive, fast-paced and updated games that are first-person shooter or racing themed. The goal is to hook millennials into a new interactive format. One of the games that we scouted is Danger Arena.

Slots Gaming in 2017

It’s way past the simple modern shooting games you may be aware of from the style of play to the controller. PlayStation and Xbox players would feel at ease playing Danger Arena with a familiar control scheme. In a betting sense, players earn payouts depending on how well they can defeat their opponents. Another similar game is Race Ace. It kind of reminds us of Nintendo’s Mario Kart series. It is another skill-based game using slots to reward each lap that is won. Another interesting way to integrate slots and gaming into a more interactive and thrill-seeking format.

Both games are quite tech savvy and packed with graphics that hook new gamers. It simply gives them a much higher incentive. Even games like Tomb Raider are considered for new game concepts. The merging of the video game industry and the gambling industry is simply inevitable at this point. Both have the budget to innovate and move forward into a new gaming and gambling arena. The video gaming industry may look to invest around $10B to break into a new dawn of video game innovation on top of that. All in an effort to meet the demands of an ADHD, adrenaline junky millennial generation.

Breaking Land Casinos with VR

Millennials have even more to look forward to as the gaming industry is taking a big leap into the introduction of VR. With the advent of Oculus Rift, the natural step forward is creating the ultimate virtual gambling environment. The need for land casinos will dissolve even further, as one can experience the sounds, sights and sensations of a real casino floor without even leaving the comfort of their own home. It is safe to say that major VR companies will be teaming up with the gambling industry to create multi-player gambling rooms and networks.

This may possibly take a huge chunk out of the land-casino industry since casinos will be perfectly represented in the virtual environment projected by convenient headsets. They may need to push boundaries further and keep up to give millennials a reason to leave their living rooms, book a hotel room in a very expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

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