Nexon Korea Unleashes Exciting Collaboration Update for Mabinogi Duel

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Mabinogi Duel, the tantalizingly addictive and visually stunning tactical mobile TCG from Nexon Korea, is set to receive its second “Mabinogi Duel x BlazBlue Collaboration” update with the Japanese developer of the Guilty Gear series, Arc System Works. Based on the acclaimed MMO game Mabinogi, the latest content update for the widely popular Mabinogi Duel is now available for new and returning players for iOS and Android devices.

Mabinogi Duel BlazBlue Collaboration

The “Mabinogi Duel x BlazBlue Collaboration” also offers players:

· 26 New BlazBlue Collaboration Booster Cards: Battle with 26 new cards (21 creature cards and five spell cards) inspired by BlazBlue and experience original dialogues from the game’s original storyline when duelists play with the new character cards.  Booster cards can be bought with 30 gems and are only available during the collaboration event period;

· BlazBlue Hero Event: players who meet the special conditions will earn special hero cards featuring the popular characters from BlazBlue, such as Nine the Phantom, Izanami, Es and Mai Natsume, to use during dueling matches;

· New Competition Arena (May 14 – May 31): duelists battle in a new arena with special rules, such as inhibiting spell usage in the PvP arena, to earn various rewards, such as gems, special tickets and EXT cards for differing arena ranks;

· Event Mission (May 11 – May 31): Earn daily rewards, such as gold and special tickets, throughout the week when accomplishing dueling missions with select opponents;

· In-game Challenges: for a limited time, players compete and progress in challenge levels for tiered rewards, such as gems, special tickets and discount tickets.

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