Absolver Will be Released on August 29th

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The Sloclap team released a new gameplay video for Absolver and announced that the game will be released on August 29th on PlayStation 4 and PC.

The new gameplay video is about the game's 3 initial Combat Styles. Each of the three initial combat styles come with special abilities and improves special character attributes depending on the player style:

Kahlt Method: Absorb hits without being stunned or pushed back, and regain lost health with every successful counter attack.

Forsaken: Balanced and powerful, prospects can parry enemy attacks and briefly stun opponents. 

Windfall: Greater dexterity and will, prospects can avoid enemy attacks leaving them open to a powerful counter attack.


The trailer also outlines the Combat Deck. The Combat Deck is the inventory of attacks that players can use while fighting. It is made up of four stances, and in each stance, different attacks are available. Players can choose attacks and stances to create their own unique fighting style. It's fully customisable and players can change their stance on the fly to keep the opponents on their toes. In combats, players are also able to unlock new attacks, or they can take on a mentor and learn their ways.  

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