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The history of Tekken is long and rich in spin-offs, but none have ever ventured beyond consoles and arcades, leaving PC players behind. Well, no more. The latest entry in the series, Tekken 7, adds PC to the list of platforms. What kind of game can the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players expect from Tekken 7 after nearly two years it spent on the arcades?

Let's find out all the essentials.

Tekken 101

A brief rundown of what Tekken is in order for those who know little of the series. Tekken is an over 2 decades old fighting game franchise which can boast holding top positions in sales and the lists of the best fighting games. The story typically revolves around the King of Iron Fist Tournament, organized by the Mishima clan, which has generations-spanning internal problems of its own.

Unlike Mortal Kombat's front/back kick/punch or Street Fighter's light/medium/heavy kick/punch, Tekken maps characters' limbs to individual buttons. The unique control scheme is dynamic, flexible and allows many kinds of characters (like Hwoarang or Eddie Gordo) to shine. Although the system received several additions over the years, the core remained intact.

Keeping up with the Mishimas

It's been said, that Tekken 7 will be the closing chapter in the history of the Mishima clan's internal struggles and a solution to the ongoing Devil Gene storyline. Some secrets will be revealed, including why on Earth did Street Fighter's Akuma jump universes and has a bone to pick with Heihachi. The big guy is probably never going to live down all the mess his family's been through. Whether he deserves it or not will be up to you to decide, we're not judging here.

The details of course remain more or less a secret, but the story's been said to be much darker than previous entries, which seems fitting, happy ending doesn't seem like an option for the Mishimas.

Gameplay refreshed

Since most entries in the series introduce some bells and whistles to support the core control scheme, let's take a look what's to wait for in Tekken 7.


Two big additions to the gameplay are the Rage Arts and Rage Drives. The former are special attacks, which are meant as a measure of a comeback mechanic for players whose luck ran out before the match started.

Unlike supers in most other games, the only meter the Rage Arts are connected is the health bar. When your character's life is down to critical levels, you can choose to unleash the Art, which deals substantial damage to the enemy. The problem is that you remain at critical health and if you miss you are way out of luck.

The Rage Drive moves, on the other hand are more straightforward, and are perfect openers for longer combos and deal decent damage at the same time by sacrificing some of the Rage Mode.

Keep on keeping on fighting

An interesting addition is the Power Crush. Simply put it allows you to continue your combo even when you get hit with certain moves which would normally cause interruption. The thing is even though your combo goes on, the damage you receive still affects your health bar, so it's recommended to use Power Crush wisely.

Large roster

Tekken 7 brings back a ton of old friends and foes. There's going to be a total of 38 characters, although the number may be a tad inflated - it includes palette swaps. The best part is, their movesets were expanded, not changed, so you will be able to execute your favorite attacks without having to study the movelist again.

Tekken 7 also introduces 8 brand new characters, including Devil-Gene-fighting Claudio Serafino and a cyborg called Gigas. The newcomers are a diverse bunch, and each feels unique enough to have a chance at being remembered.

Stunning visuals

Courtesy of Unreal Engine IV Tekken 7 is going to be among the best looking fighting games to come to big platforms. The amount of detail included is reportedly going to make it occasionally hard to focus on the action instead of the visual touches like sweat, or tiny animations like bulging biceps of the supermuscular fighters. Tekken 7 doesn't try to be photorealistic, not by a long shot, it keeps a stylised look, it's just more detailed one than ever before.


Tekken 7 is not a fresh game, not by the industry's standards at least. It launched back in 2015 for Japanese arcades, and now it simply finds its way to home platforms. It shouldn't be a problem, however, since it means it got two years of intense, thorough playtesting at the hands of hardcore fighting game fans. What will come to your PlayStations, Xboxes and PCs is a polished and balanced excellent fighting game. What's not to love?

As for the preorder bonuses, you can get Eliza ahead of others. This vampiric fighter has a bad case of narcolepsy, and she is mechanically closer to Akuma than to other Tekken characters.

The next King of Iron Fist Tournament launches worldwide on June 2 this year. Are you tough enough to participate?

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