Minions & Mayhem Real-time Tactics Game Announced for Mobile Now

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Today, announced that the new real-time tactics title, Minions & Mayhem to be released on the App Store and Google Play in June this year. Formerly known as Wuxianzhanzheng, Minions & Mayhem was developed by NetEase Games. Since its release in the Asian markets, it has been one of the most popular titles in this genre. Several former professional RTS players, such as TeD, Fly100%, Moon, have exercised their expertise in this mobile game.

Game features:

Old School RTS Gameplay with Mobile Experience

Deploy your resource collectors and protect them. With an adequate supply, you can create a massive army. But size of your troops isn’t everything, the formation and choices of units are also the key factors for a victory. Micro-management of your heroes cuts you an extra edge on the battlefield!

Minions Mayhem

Strategic Combinations of Units and Skills

Assemble an army with heroes of all classes - knight, wizzard, sniper, priest, ninja, etc. Support them with minions from all races - human, orc, undead, mechanic, elemental! Your choice of unit combination will have unique strength but at the same carry a weakness.

Minions Mayhem

Real-time Battle around the Globe

Find a match from anywhere in the world. Join a guild and meet new people. Challenge other people or team up with them in 2v2 battles!

By bringing the English version of Minions & Mayhem to the global players, hopes to reproduce its success in a greater market.

Minions Mayhem

The Pre-registration is also available on its official website now. Subscribers will not only be able to receive bonus reward at the launch, but have a chance to be invited to their closed beta tests as well.

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