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Do you like space themed mobile games? We’re going to talk about two space themed mobile games today. One of them looks rather promising while the other seems not so good for some game reviewers. Nevertheless, you can still try both and pick one winner. Apart from the two space adventure games, we also present you three latest mobile games that you can try for this week. Let’s have a look…

Full of Stars

This is a space themed adventure game which combines storytelling, multiple choice and one-touch gameplay. In the game, you play as a freighter pilot that narrowly escapes a planetary attack with a few passengers in tow. Your goal is to outrun your attackers, keep your passengers alive, and find some refuge somewhere. 

Half of the game is the spaceship game. You pilot your ship through deadly asteroid fields, trying to make it to the end of each level. But as you play, you collect idium and idium crystals, currencies that have various uses. They can be used for ship upgrades, but also in the story segments. The actual game side of things offers up reaction-based tap-to-move gameplay with wonderfully responsive and easy controls. There's plenty standing in the way of your goal, but by using lasers and bombs you can blast away meteors, or just engage the hyperdrive for a quick getaway.



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