Nutaku Launches New JRPG Hentai Game Mononofu

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In this article we’ll be talking about the newest browser game of Nutaku, named Mononofu. Nutaku is a company known for its popular, Adult Hentai Games such as Kamihime, Sengoku providence and others.

What is this game about?


Mononofu is a browser JRPG/party management game for adult audience, because of its sexual theme and hentai scenes. There is however the option to play the censored version with no nudity, but still sexy enough.

The game takes place during the darkest times in the history of Japan, the Sengoku period. The Japanese nation has been torn apart after decades of endless wars and turmoil and is in need of a savior, someone to unite them. The task is up to you, you take up on the role of a young Japanese general – who has a surprisingly slender figure – and you have towards uniting your homeland and ending the war. In your journey, you meet up with various historical warriors who are all young, cute girls and you get to fight alongside some of Japan’s most prominent and some famous historical figures like Oda Nobunaga.


Story of the game

Basically, as a general, you are given your own city to manage and develop and you also have your army to take care about. The campaign follows the Sengoku era history and the campaigns are inspired from real life historical battles.


There are multiple mini-battle or skirmishes which you have to beat before you face off with the enemy’s main general. Each battle in the map, has three objectives represented by stars which is basically your rating for the battle. In order to get a three star rating you must satisfy certain conditions, e.g. win the battle with only one general or win the battle using crane formation.



The game is turn-based and once the battle starts the combat starts automatically. Each troop will take its  turn and attack, who goes first is based on the speed of the troops. Also, the damage each troop unit receives depends on their placement. Usually, frontline troops are focused first, so it is good to have troops with high defense on the front.


The game’s party system is pretty standard and very easy to understand. Your army is comprised of your general and their respective troops. Each general can only command one kind of troop at a time and there are in total three basic types of troops, infantry, cavalry and archers which you can further upgrade to more specialized types. Depending on the general’s stats and equipment the damage of the troops is modified accordingly. So for a general with high attack and low defenses, a unit type, like ninjas or musketeers who are good damage dealers are a good choice of troop.


As mentioned above, the three basic troop types can be further upgraded to others. In general, the whole troop system works in a rock-paper-scissors style, e.g cavalry are good against archer units, spearmen against cavalry etc.

In Mononofu, each general starts with her own unit type which you can later upgrade as you can see above. The rank of the general (C, R, SR, SSR, SSSR, UR) also influences the starting types of the troop which they will receive which means that an UR rank general may have a better starter unit than a R general. Aside from that you can also change their troop’s type if you want a specific general to have another type of troops.

Those two features are very important mechanic of the game that you will have to take into consideration when you form your army for higher level battles, world bosses, PvP and other end game content.


My personal advice for those who wish to play the game is  to first play all of the campaign stages and focus on upgrading your army and general, before you focus on endgame content. Thankfully, the game does an excellent job at explaining all the gameplay features through a very understandable tutorial

Guild Wars and Total War


Aside from the story mode and independent events, like world bosses, there are two other things which you can do later.PvP matches and the Battle tower.  You can start playing PvP matches as soon as you start the game and climb up the ranked ladder and win bountiful prizes. However, just winning matches is not enough, you have to also form a defense team to protect your ranking from other players which is why the game advises you to invest in PvP after you have progressed a bit in the main campaign.  PvP tournaments are also locked until you reach a certain level.

Finally, Battle towes as the name suggest is a PvE mode of you fighting endless waves of progressively more powerful mobs. The more you advance up the tower, the better the prizes.

Thoughts on the game

One particular aspect of the game that I liked was the new improved battle system. In other Nutaku games you only have one party of characters to manage, but in Mononofu you have to give thought on what kind of troops each general will have and how you will upgrade them and also how you will develop your city in order to support your armies.


The fact that your units gain affection through combat is also nice and makes the romancing part much easier than in other games where you had to give gifts or complete other various tasks.


After you fill the romance bar of a general then you can visit the Album section in the main menu and watch the scene. Depending on her rank the general will have one or two hentai scenes.


There are plenty of beautiful illustrations to unlock the more you play. Here are a couple of examples:


Interested gamers can check Nutaku to learn more about Mononofu.


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