Hello MMO - Ten Hot MMOs that Grabbed Our Attention in April

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There were many new and old MMOs that grabbed our attention in April, such as Master X Master, ASTA and Absolver. In this month’s Hello MMO, we’re going to discuss ten of those hot MMOs. All of those games are top-notch and you should give them a try when they’re still available. If you don’t think these games deserve your time, let us know in the comments section.

Master X Master

The closed beta for NCSOFT’s upcoming action MOBA Master X Master went live on April 6th and ran until April 27th. All of its 36 masters were unlocked on April 21st. And Ranked mode on the 5v5 Titan Ruins map was also available on April 21st. During the closed beta, players who played and completed at least 7 Ranked Titan Ruins matches were awarded the exclusive CBT Taejin skin.


Master X Master is an action MMORPG/ MOBA with a unique TAG System. It allows players to quickly swap between two characters mid-combat. Characters in Master X Master are drawn from previous titles under NCSoft, including Rytlock Brimstone from Guild Wars 2, Jinsoyun from Blade & Soul, Mondo Zax from WildStar and additional characters from Aion and Lineage


Twin Saga

The anime MMO published by Gamigo which is a subsidiary of Aeria Games was available in the official commercial version on April 13th. Apart from a visual re-branding and a stronger focus on the captivating background story about the twin goddesses Marisa and Amaris, the official launch presented the new Monk class to players as well as two exclusive maps - Sanctopolis: Prismatica and Sanctopolis: Constellacia. The level cap was also raised from 65 to 70. 

Twin Saga carries a unique feature in the form of multiple currencies and reputations. The currencies are exclusive to specific types of merchants and lead to special equipment sold only by that particular merchant. The reputations follow a similar style of play. They are class-specific in terms of who can or cannot earn points. They also lead to specialized equipment, but just as they require a certain class, the equipment is geared toward specific classes and benefits only them. Twin Saga entered Open Beta on September 1st last year.


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