Project DH (KR)- Monster Hunter in Steampunk World

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What do you think of Monster Hunter together with steampunk style? The action RPG named Project DH with the above elements is recently unveiled at Nexon Developers Conference 17 (NDC 2017). Check out the teaser trailer below:

According to, Project DH is set in a steampunk world in which "dragons of other worlds emerge from a huge hole in the air and attack humanity." It will largely revolve around raids, which will be fought on horseback, in which players fight gigantic monsters in a similar nature to that of Monster Hunter. There will also be a hub of sorts in the form of a "converted train."


Dragons will fight players both in the air and on the ground. Players will use weapons known as "cannons," which are the size of a person, to take them down. It is also said that dragons will make use of a variety of tactics, changing them up as necessary to try and catch players off-guard. Take a look at the mount and dragons in the demo below:

There's currently no beta or release schedule for Project DH since the game is still under development for PC, and it may come to mobile or console platforms as well. Stay tuned.


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