Fantasy War Tactics R Update with New Heroes and Game Modes

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Today, Nexon Korea unleashes the latest content update for its epic mobile SRPG, Fantasy War Tactics R (Fantasy War Tactics). Since its launch for Android and iOS devices in 2015, Fantasy War Tactics R reached over 6 million downloads in 153 countries. The newly redesigned Fantasy War Tactics R is now available for free for new and returning players to download via Google Play and the App Store.

Fantasy War Tactics R Update

As an ambitious wizard bent on conquering the world, players make their way through Fantasy War Tactics R utilizing their heroes’ character skills, the terrain around them, and their friends to help them in the heat of battle. The latest content update will introduce tons of new content including new heroes, new equipment and new scenarios. Players will also be able to participate in daily events including guide quests and check-in to receive extra rewards and Hero Awakening Tickets. This content update also represents a rebirth of the popular title with the changing of the name to Fantasy War Tactics R – and the following:

Fantasy War Tactics R Update

· New in-game content: Play as the incredibly powerful Dragon Thanatos, Escort Ildo, Painter Taehwa, Vermilion Bird Hongyeom; unlock each character’s exclusive set equipment; enjoy new game scenarios; and explore the Sia Continent;

· Variety of new limited time events: Players can enjoy a ton of new game events, including the Scenario Event, where player take on the role of Lord and attempt to conquer the world, while recruiting a number of heroes to the cause, and the Hero Growth Event among a number of other limited time events;

· On-time Reward: Players who log-in by April 23rd will receive an exclusive costume for Hero Deborah;

Fantasy War Tactics R Update

· Daily Check-in Bonus: Players who log-in to the game daily will receive a Set Equipment Ticket, a Hero Rebirth Ticket and a Hero Awakening Ticket as well as other updates and gifts. Players can awaken their hero, equip Runes and level up to 70.

· Improved UI and UX: Play with ease with new updates to make the gameplay more convenient and entertaining.

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