Brave Frontier Spring Festival Kicks Off Now

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Spring colors are in full bloom, and it’s a great time for players to turn up the Spring fever and join in the fun at Brave Spring Festival 2017!

Brave Frontier

From Now to May 17th, players can revel in the string of Spring treats and activities that are lined up for the season. Highlights of the Spring updates include:

Spring Login Campaign (Now to May 17)

Players can enjoy 60 days of rewards, comprising of:

  - Redemption of ONE Unit of Choice (up to Camillia Batch, including Global Exclusive Units) on the 30th Day of login.

  - FREE Omni-potential Easter Unit, Cotton on the 40th Day of login.

  - Up to 30 Gems, 2 Spring Summon Tickets and other sweet gifts that are up for grabs.

Brave Frontier

NEW Limited Edition Easter Exclusive Unit: Vikki (Now - April 20)

Players can summon Vikki, the talented self-proclaimed mad scientist who is on the quest for the magical power source of infinite power. Hailing from the mysterious world of Paskua, Vikki is a powerful nuker with one of the highest BB Attack Buffs and one of the few Water element Units with the ability to add all elements to attack.

Brave Frontier

Carrol receives Omni Evolution Upgrade (From April 12)

Players can now evolve Carrol to her Omni Evolution form and see this lovely rabbit tamer unleash her incredible powers alongside her trusted bunny companion, Bianco!

Brave Frontier

Special Easter Vortex Dungeon: “A Colorful Hunt” (Now - April 26)

Spring Solstice has arrived, bringing forth many visitors to Grand Gaia, including Cotton, the oddly adorable yet powerful robo-bunny fuelled with frost and determination.

Brave Frontier

Dispatched by Vikki to collect the colorful eggs endowed with mystical powers that are found across Grand Gaia, Cotton ventured into the Special Easter Vortex Dungeon, “A Colorful Hunt”. It was met with Carrol, who’s also on the egg hunt.

Brave Frontier

What happens between the duo when they meet? Players can spring forward into the “A Colorful Hunt” Vortex to find out more. They may also get a chance to fight Cotton and gather its evolution materials!

Players can visit the official forum to learn more details about the Spring and Easter Events here.

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