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1.  Thanks for sharing time with MMOsite on this interview, would you like to tell us a bit about this innovative war themed MMORPG?

A:  War Rage is a 3D online war game which reflects the powerful scene of medieval war. Through the Action Real-time Tactic, players can experience the feeling of actual participating into the war. 


2.  War Rage is currently in Closed Beta Test period in China, what’s the feedback you guys get during the test?

A: Yes, after this test, we received lots of feedback from players which is very valuable for us.     You know, War Rage is a new kind of war game play. Not only we cater the players, but also need them to adapt the mode. Our lovely players gave us useful suggestions about both the art style and gameplay in this test, we really learned a lot from them. They can expect our improvements under their suggestions in next version.

3.  What do you think of western players'' attitude towards war themed game?

A: The experience of passion and pleasure from in-game ancient war is without boundaries. I believe those players who are really fond of war game will surely find exciting contents in War Rage.
As for the setting of the game, of course, War Rage doesn’t want to be shackled by one certain culture. We will reshape the content of game according to different cultural forms, bringing a variety of ancient war experiences to players, it is also the future direction on War Rage’s overseas development.


4.  Comparing with other war themed games, how does War Rage stand out from others?

A: War Rage is a war game in this game industry, innovation is our key conception in the beginning. We never worry about competing with other 3A games, since that is what we have to face. The industry is such a great place where so much of our imagination can be realized under technology, making our dreamy War Rage coming true. Action with real-time tactics, faction war...everything is so cool. Yes, innovation is the highlight of War Rage, and it will never stop.

5.  How do you balance the different phases in War Rage?

A: Players will take certain effort to get into different phases in game with different fun and goals, in War Rage, you will find different pursuits in every phase. Different from console war games, single player is so small in the whole war scene that it seems impossible to shake the power of the country and forces, yet War Rage wants the players to experience teamwork. It's hard to win a war that everyone in the army is the commander. Under this circumstance, conductor and executor is inevitable, (or more friendly to say “call for and response"), so the players need to  recommend spontaneously in corresponding system. Players’ relationship will be sustained by the war.


6.  Guild Wars and Group Wars seem to be the main gameplay in War Rage, how will the sandbox open world feature in this game?

A: It''s a big proposition. Yes, sandbox represents freedom and endless possibility. Design the system and try to make it perfect, allowing more players to accept it willingly, that is the ultimate goal of each R&D team with an inspiration, it never ceases until we stop thinking. 

In the current development stage of War Rage, we call it “Big Map”, since now everything is only based on the extension of this map, we hope that this “Big Map” can rich the exploration, collection, building and a series of requirements, and at the same time to expand the scale of the war scenes. Players will not be subject to the fixed rules, they will vividly experience the every detail of the war scenes and the vast landscape.

7.    What else do you want to share with our readers?  

A: We are planning to bring War Rage to the western market in the near future, please stay tuned! We look forward to seeing all Chinese players and western players enjoy this game together!  Please follow the War Rage gamelist and our official website


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