Nexon Korea Begins Priority Registration for Arena Masters

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Priority Registration for Arena Masters is launched by NEXON Korea. From now on, players can take the challenge and rule the arena in this action and RTS mobile game. Fans who register will also receive 500  Crystals at launch. In addition, Arena Masters will be available worldwide on iOS and Android on April 27th.

Players will be immersed in the fast-pace of Arena Masters, with chaotic battles to determine master of the arena. Challenged not only by fellow players, budding arena masters will also be needed to conquer the many tricks and traps throughout the arena to come out as the last man standing. Arena Master also features:

Arena Masters

· Strategic real-time PvP action: Players master a multitude of unique heroes and stages to dominate the ever-changing matches;

· Six unique PvP battle modes to conquer: ‘Duel Arena’ gives competitors a free-for-all battle royale where the last one standing wins; in ‘King of the Hill’, players must join forces to accomplish the main goal; in ‘Zombie Virus’, players must fight time and other to survive a deadly virus; and ‘Team Death Match’ is an epic team skirmish for four or six players;

Arena Masters

· Arena challenges: Players must learn to navigate an arena full of tricks and traps to win and rank at the top of the leaderboards;

· Unique heroes: More than 10 unique heroes feature unique special abilities and can combine to create powerful teams;

· Customizable heroes: Each of the heroes may be personalized with a collection of costumes;

Arena Masters

· Complete control: Arena Masters eliminates the auto-play system to give players ultimate control to use each character’s skills and personal strategies to overcome the competition.

Arena Masters is available for free to download via mobile device in select territories from the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android. Register for priority access here.

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