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Sengoku Providence

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In this article we’ll be talking about one of their more popular browser games of Nutaku, named Sengoku Providence. Nutaku is a company known for its popular, adult, browser games such as Harem Heroes, Kamihime Project-R.

What is this game about?

Sengoku Providence

Sengoku Providence is a browser JRPG/party management game for adult audience, because of its sexual theme and hentai scenes. There is however the option to play the censored version with no nudity, but still sexy enough.

In this game, you play as an a young samurai who along with his little sister is travelling the Sengoku Era Japan’s lands in order to prove himself and find a clan to join. In your journey, you meet up with various warriors who are all young, cute girls and you get to fight alongside some of Japan’s most prominent and famous historical figures like Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Leyasu who by the way are also portrayed as young, teenage girls.

Sengoku Providence

Story of the game

Basically, as a samurai looking for a clan to join and prove his worth, you inevitably ended up being involved in the politics and war of the country. Because of your skill all of the famous people have taken notice of you and want you on their side and they will try to get you to join them, either through gifts and persuasion or with more intimate manners.

Sengoku Providence

There are currently seven campaigns which you can play and each one of them is about one of historical figure and consists of seven chapters. Each individual story is a mix of action and comedy and it presented very well in a visual novel format with voiced cut scenes. So in my opinion they are all worth a play at least once. The rewards are quite nice as well.

Sengoku Providence


The game is turn-based and you can either set the combat to Auto-mode which is recommended for the start since the enemies are weak or you can play all the battle yourself by issuing commands at your party every turn which you won’t need to do until you have to fight powerful bosses.

Sengoku Providence

The game’s party system is pretty standard and very easy to understand. The main party is comprised of warrior maiden’s, called Senki, there are the front liners and the rear liners. Front line deals and receives normal damage while rear line deal and receives less. Finally, there is the party leader whose main ability affects all the members.

Depending on the Senki’s element and weapon of choice their abilities differ. For example, there are Senki specialized in wide area damage attacks or others who are good at dealing massive damage to single targets, according to your opponents you should choose your party members accordingly.

Sengoku Providence

As mentioned above, there are also the elements. In Sengoku Providence, each character is specialized in a specific element and the element system works in a rock-paper-scissors style. That means that each element has one element which is weak too and one which is strong against (e.g. water is strong against fire and weak to lightingn etc.). There are also Light and Dark elements which are neutral against all the other elements and are only weak to one another, Light strong versus Dark and vice versa.

Those two features are very important mechanic of the game that you will have to take into consideration when you choose your party for higher level runs, where the enemies are dangerous and can easily kill you if you go unprepared or play solely on auto-mode.

Sengoku Providence

My personal advice for those who wish to play the game is to first play all of the main story quests and gather all the prizes and rewards for that which are plenty and then start spending them on upgrades such as new equipment, opening gacha chests for new characters or enhancing your current party member’s level.

Thankfully, the game does an excellent job at explaining all the gameplay features as through a very understandable tutorial. And by the time you finish the main storyline, you will pretty much know what aspects of your party should be improved and what not.

Don’t make the mistake of spending everything the very moment you get them.

Guild Wars and Total War

Sengoku Providence

Aside from the story mode and independent events (which you can do for Exp and rewards) there are two other things which you can do later. Guild battles or Total War mode. Total war is locked until you finish at least one storyline and is not recommended to go unprepared. Basically you enter in an endless gauntlet of battles with progressively harder enemies. The more powerful enemies you slay the better the rewards.

In the guild wars mode of Sengoku Providence, you take your squad of Senkis into battle against other players. There are prizes for both participating and winning a match. Occasionally, special tournament are held which also grant very valuable prizes to the winners. Lastly, if you don’t feel confident enough to fight on your own, you can always support a guild mate, praying which grants them a special boon for that battle.

Thoughts on the game

One particular aspect of the game that I liked was the new improved battle system. In other Nutaku games you only have one party of characters to manage, but in Sengoku Providence. You have to give thought on who your leader will be since her abilities greatly affect the whole party.

Sengoku Providence

The fact that your units gain experience through combat is also nice and makes the leveling progress much easier than in other games when you only had to the Enhance option in order to level up your characters.

I also like the fact that you can temporarily increase the stats of some party member before battle by spending some time with her. This feature can be found under the Caress menu.

Sengoku Providence

The Midnight visits, aka the romance feature has also improved a lot in this game compared to older ones. In Sengoku Providence, every girl has their first episode unlocked and you can watch her hentai scene as soon as you unlock her. In order to unlock her second one you will have to evolve her and Godify which basically makes her stronger, asides from unlocking her new their hentai scene.

Sengoku Providence

There are plenty of beautiful illustration to unlock the more you play with your favorite girls and they gain experience and levels. Here are a couple of examples:

Sengoku Providence

Sengoku Providence


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