Logres: Japanese RPG - Top-grossing JRPG Launches Beta Test for English Version

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Today, Marvelous Inc. and Aiming Inc. launches the Beta test of the English version of its top-grossing MMORPG title in Japan, Logres: Japanese RPG.

Logres: Japanese RPG

An epic online multiplayer game featuring anime-style graphics and downloaded by millions after its launch in Japan, the Beta test of the English version will be open to Android users in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand from April 6-10, 2017 through Google Play.

Logres: Japanese RPG


Players who register and complete in-game events during the Beta Period will receive the following rewards during the commercial launch:

• Register your email in game and get 5 Crystals

• Clear “Mandra King Brothers!” Quest and get a Kinopo Hat

• Clear “[All Rare Monsters] Metal Hunter” Quest and get 10 Crystals

• Clear “Rampage! Mandra King Brothers!  -Advanced –“ Quest and get 5 Crystals

Logres: Japanese RPG

All game related information will be deleted after the Beta Test. Rewards will be given during the game’s commercial launch. Get it on Google Play and sign up for Beta Test here.

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