Albion Online Getting Ready for Launch in July 2017

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Berlin-based development studio Sandbox Interactive is providing an outlook on future improvements for Albion Online. After the last major update Galahad, the developer gathered feedback from the community and is now providing an overview about which aspects of the sandbox MMORPG are going to be improved first until the launch in July 2017 and beyond. Here are the most important improvements at a glance:

Albion Online

Item Drops, Economy Changes

A completely new innovative feature is currently in development: all items dropped by mobs have previously been crafted by players. The way this works is that all items that can drop from mobs need to be supplied to an NPC black market first. The black market in turn creates demand based on mobs being killed. If the black market's demand is not met for certain items, prices will increase until a player is willing to sell the requested item.

- all equipment items in the game (excluding Founder's gear) will be player-crafted

- mobs will now drop significantly more and better items

Albion Online

Improved Hell Gates

Hell gates are a great opportunity for PvP fights and a lot of fun for the players in general, which is why they are an important topic within the community. For example, dodging the other team and pulling mobs into a fight (through which the PvE element becomes a too important factor for PvP confrontations) are topics for future improvements. Hence, the team is currently reworking the concept and creating new map for the hell gates. The new hell gates are then to be implemented either shortly before or after the official release of the game.

Albion Online

Additional planned improvements before, during or shortly after the official release of the game on July 17, 2017 are:

- Improved guild quality of life

- Item stacking and market interface improvement

- Improved tutorial system

- Revision of the reputation system

- New map design for the Guild vs Guild game in home territories

Albion Online

- Provision of open-world GvG

- Improved value system for watchtower territories

- Improved game performance

- Prevention of food crises after release wipe

- Lots of balancing, polishing, bug-fixing and minor improvements

Albion Online

For more details on all these aspects, please visit its official page here.

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