Anime MMORPG Record of Lodoss War Online Will be Launched on Apr.6th

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Upcoming anime MMORPG Record of Lodoss War Online will be launched in two days. The game is based on the fantasy novel series by Ryo Mizuno, and is developed by Korean studio L&K Logic. 


There're four classes for players to select - Esquire, Oracle, Rogue and Magic User. 

Esquire is specialized to wear one-handed sword and heavy armor, and he wears a shield and uses shield-related skills to have solid defense.

Oracle is a priest from the Mairie grand temple, and is specialized to wear one-handed blunt weapon and cloth. The class has various buff skills that strenghten the stats of players.

Rogue has low HP and defense, but can defeat enemies through skill combo.

And Magic user is a half-elf. He can become a sorcerer or a warlock. 

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