Elsword Add Gets Theory Dungeon Today

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Today, KOG Games announces the release of Add's Theory Dungeon for Elsword, and it's not for the faint of heart.  The solo-only (no co-op), hardcore dungeon may be brutal, but the battle is worth it and the loot is some of the best in the game.

Add, the El Gang's crazed genius, is renowned throughout Elrios for having an insatiable desire for complete mastery of everything pertaining to the robotic Nasod race, and crafting the ultimate weapon. During his travels around Elrios, Add has collected a series of extraordinarily powerful energy sources. Once he'd believed his collection of power sources adequate, he drafted a theory on how to combine these sources to catalyze a fusion reaction; synthesizing the very essence of a power core of a weapons system strong enough to destroy anything in his path (queue Add's trademark maniacal laughter).

Elsword Add Theory Dungeon

But, just like many of Add's epically ambitious undertakings ... this "theory", blew up in his face, literally, and in more ways than one. Add's radically extravagant and innovative laboratory went into total meltdown, but in the process, Add's ultimate weapon materialized.  From the wreckage of the lab, emerged his ultimate adversary in possession of the perfect weapon.

Elsword Add Theory Dungeon

Elsword's Annual April Fools celebration is also going on now and features epic maid and butler costumes sets, skill cut-ins and customization items.  And it wouldn't be April Fools without crazy tomfoolery!

To learn more about Elsword please visit its official website here.

Elsword Add Theory Dungeon

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