Hexmon War - Pre-registration is Available Now

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Games publisher Redbana US Corporation kicks off their latest fantasy RPG with the opening of the global pre-registration for Hexmon War. This free-to-play mobile game combines real-time strategy with a touch of monster battle RPG where players capture, collect and train creature companions called Hexmons.

The journey to becoming a Hexmon Grandmaster begins in the small town of Adela, a place well known for training great Hexmon Masters. Trouble is brewing just outside the peaceful town’s walls as wild Hexmons cause some problems for Adela’s residents and it’s up to brave Hexmon Masters to explore the surrounding Dungeons and get to the bottom of the mysterious rogue monsters!

Hexmon War

All aspiring Hexmon Masters can register now at the official Hexmon website.

Players will receive awesome in-game items to jumpstart their adventure when the game soft launches for Android and iOS this April 2017!

Reward Details:

• 1000 BanaCash

Use BanaCash to buy items and packages from the in-game Store!

• 50000 Gold

Use Gold to train Hexmon companions, create and manage guilds or to prepare supplies before exploring dangerous Dungeons!

Hexmon War

• 4★Sticker

Equip unique Stickers on Hexmons in a team to boost their bonus stats and make them even stronger!

• 4★Hexmon

True Hexmon Masters are able to raise their companionsand unlock their true potential in battle! Pre-register now and gain an edge over the competition by starting with a FREE 4★Hexmon at your side!

Hexmon War

For more information, latest news and announcements please visit its official pages here.

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