Chinese Company Funds $29M to Support Indie Game Developers

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A Chinese company announced that it would set up a ¥200 million(about $29m) fund to support quality indie games and app developers all over the world.

As in recent years, Monument Valley, Hyper Light Drifter and other indie games have received many influential awards globally, both Apple and Google have opened sections for displaying indie games exclusively. An indie game, also known as an independent video game, is a video game that is created without the financial support of a publisher. Indie games often focus on innovation, originality and gameplay, which brings indie games more and more attention and popularity. However, indie games are growing slowly, especially in China, due to the limitation of their monetization ability, and the lack of talented people, channels and funds. High investment, high risk and long development cycle together make it hard for indie game developers to survive.

Monument Valley

The CTO of iDreamSky company, stated that they would invest 200 million RMB to set up the indie game fund, hoping to help outstanding indie game developers turn their creative ideas into products and realize their dreams. Hoping that there will be more good indie games like Monument Valley showing up is the original purpose of the fund.


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