Glorious Apex Arena Opens Soon With New Hero Arrives!

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Do you want glory? Do you feel like bathing the the cheers? Now is the time to team up with the latest Hero Lorn to seek the ultimate glory, the cross-server Apex Arena is waiting you to curve your name on the Hall of Frame!

Glorious Apex Arena

Lorn and the legends of his incredible hunting skills grow incredibly more impressive with each story told. Whomever meets him in battle, no matter if they are the strongest warrior alive, will quiver in fear in his shadow. Let’s watch his brutal claws to tear the enemies apart in Apex Arena!

Glorious Apex Arena

The glorious Apex Arena will open on March 27th, all players can select a battleground according to their levels, there are three to choose: lvl 70+, lvl 50-69 and lvl 1-49. Everyone will face the fierce fights along the road to TOP 64. But remember to catch the ‘spy’ when they show up as your opponent, and then report to get the rewards. If you are the one battling everyone else out, Bravo! There might be a new statue of you standing in the city for others to admire!

Glorious Apex Arena

What are you waiting for? Glory is there for you! More events please subscribe to Final Clash Facebook or join in Final Clash Discord server.

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