The Exiled: Season #2 Launches Today, Extended Free Trial

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Sandbox MMORPG The Exiled entered Early Access a month ago. Fairytale Distillery launches the first major update of the game in Season #2 and Update 1.1. Seson #2 starts on March 23rd at 3 PM CET. This season comes with a host of brand new game worlds and a ton of game updates.

The Exiled Steam Early Access

To give everyone a chance to try out the new version of the game, the team has extended the free trial offer:

  • New players get a full 7-day free trial by just downloading the game on Steam for free.
  • Returning players get an additional 2-day trial extension just by starting the game.


Here are some patch highlights:

  • Party System: You can now form parties with other players you meet in the game. That means you can share XP and see each other on the world map without having to be in the same clan (or any clan). Party members will also (like clan members) be preferred target for support abilities like heals.
  • Diplomacy System: Clan leaders and managers can now add other clans to a “friend” and “enemy” lists. Clan members will then see those friend and enemy tags and be able to easily recognize your clan’s status with another clan. These tags are NOT visible to anyone outside of your clan. They are one-directional (the other clan can choose a different status for you).
  • The Healer: Added the Healer (Cloth) armor class to the game with lots of new abilities. The healer is still work-in-progress and will be balanced based on your feedback. It comes with a new ability type - links - that should open a lot more gameplay options for team-players who like a supportive playstyle.
  • Added a “camera lock” option to the control menu (J) that centers the camera on your character, disregarding mouse movement.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the “error 418” popup unnecessarily often to some players.
  • Major performance improvement: There are no more lag spikes when large numbers of mobs spawn at the same time.
  • Major performance improvement: Massively reduced the base load of the game servers, leading to a smoother experience.
  • Fixed some holes in the environment colliders that separate world map areas from each other.
  • Meteorites and carcasses do not spawn outside of the game world anymore.


Interested gamers can read the Patch Notes for Updates 1.1 and 1.0.1 or visit the Steam store page to find more details. 

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