Peria Chronicles – How Art Style Influences Gameplay Fluidity

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Peria Chronicles is the un-released (In the west) Sand Box MMORPG published by Nexon with a Japanese Anime art style which isn’t your usual lazy chibi art you see in most MMORPG’s, what makes this game special is the entire world that they’ve built using a beautiful rendition of an inspired version of cell-shaded design we’ve come to love from games such as Borderlands and Tell-tales story game series.

Peria Chronicles

I wish I had a nice keyword to describe this game, “Action MMORPG!” but Peria doesn’t really fit into any category I can think of; but I can certainly describe it with two of my favourite games, you’ve probably heard of them. Pokémon and Hearthstone? Already one of those would get the normal gamer excited but both; a hybrid no less? Colour me intrigued.

You start by drawing cards from a ‘library’ of cards and summon Kiranas at a mana cost. You can summon unlimited amount of these Kirana creatures, as long as you still have cards in your hand and mana to summon them. When your mana runs out, you discard the remaining creatures from your hand and gain a bonus effect from discarding them. If you run out of creatures instead though, you can click the deck to draw more cards to play.

Peria Chronicles

That sounds pretty crazy right? An MMO-RTS-CCG-Monster-Battler, doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue. It works though, I swear to the flying spaghetti monster that it works. Why?

The art-style. The world, is just so darn engaging. The use of colour and the way the interface is so minimal that it lets you just experience the game through motion. I absolutely love this. I’m tired of replaying World of Warcraft again and again in many different versions where uninspired Asian companies are just looking to get rich.

What’s refreshing is that the art-style demonstrates what this game is about. That it’s a fantasy world, that the animations show what is happening and when it’s happening. The environments are beautiful and bright, but stick to a particular colour palette and the animations are so swift. You push the button and it happens.

Peria Chronicles

So maybe you’re not a crazy progression freak like I am. Perhaps you want to explore the towns, capture all the monsters you can engage with the living breathing world, all content in the game is user generated and you can shape the towns and world around you by building up the towns, crafting what is needed and even writing their own quests and cut-scenes, something that would just look plain silly without their charming art-style. If you’ve not seen the cutscene generator you really need to check that out below.

We’re approaching the end of the article. I’m clearly excited for this game that’s obvious; but should you be? I believe if you’ve ever enjoyed any Anime in your life, the art style is certainly for you; it screams beautiful, more so than any MMORPG I’ve seen in the past years. It’s easy to do photorealism, but to develop and grow into your own style is admirable.

“But what about the gameplay DoubleIcaras!” I hear you cry, I come from games like Super Smash Bros. Melee where actions come out instantly and there is no buffer and while there is still buffer in this game, the combat style masks that completely and it feels like everything is happening instantly, like animations are something you need to account and respond for.

Social players are covered, you can build towns, craft amazing gear and make your own quests; PvP nuts have a responsive combat system, class-less characters with pets and cards effecting their battles and finally the PvE nuts have a wonderful world of crazy and imaginative creatures to turn into dust and loot.

Peria Chronicles

So what are you doing? Get excited for Peria Chronciles!

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