Chaos Chronicle Updates with New Characters and Spring Event

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Spring has a arrived and flowers are blooming in the battle ready lands of Chaos Chronicle.  The “Spring Festival” content update will be available for new and returning players on mobile devices around the world via Google Play and the App Store on March 23.

Chaos Chronicle

Building on epic battles and an immersive storyline, Chaos Chronicle welcomes new and returning mobile gamers to the vibrant and action-filled world of Chaos Chronicle. Building on its impressive list of diverse cast of characters, the game introduces two new brave heroes, Lucia and Ayuda, to joining the battle as players continue the fight to defend the glory of their House. In addition, players will participate in the limited time “Spring Festival”, which includes:

- New Heroes to Recruit: Royal queen of the faeries and Lutiano’s childhood friend, Lucia is a mage-type heroine who is the perfect commander in battle, achieving victory in every battle against the disciple forces during the War of Heaven and Hell; and supporter-type heroine Ayuda, the first female dean since the temple’s foundation, who turned into a battle priestess to help the other Houses to eradicate monsters inside dungeons that have recently appeared around the village.

- Spring Festival Limited Time Event (March 23-May 10):

o  Event One: Players can collect flowers in the Picnic Zone and the Standing Zone to trade for premium rewards;

  §  Flowers in The Picnic Zone can be obtained by playing the Normal/Hard Stage, Daily Dungeon, Manatech Tower, and the Normal/Chaos Raid, and can be exchanged for Hero-related items, including a 6-Star Hero Contract and an advanced 4-Star Hero Selection Contract that contains several latest heroes;

  §  Flowers in The Standing Zone can be obtained by playing the Arena, Coliseum, Guild War, and Proof of Gorde Jyle, and can be exchanged for equipment-related items, including Grade 4 Disciple Equipment Boxes and Disciple Equipment Rank-up Stones;

o  Event Two: Players who collect three flowers from Event 1 and receive daily rewards up to 14 days straight will earn exclusive rewards, including the Disciple Equipment Boxes and Rank-up Stones, as well as various lower-tier items chosen at random;

o  Event Three: Completing each lineup to earn a whopping Grade 6 Accessory and a Grade 6 Elite Equipment Box by collecting certain heroes and upgrading them according to the in-game event guide;

o  Event Four: Check-in for a total of 10 days from April 28 to May 2 and May 6 to May 10 will receive some of the rarest rewards in the game, including Rubies, Special Runes, and the most priceless of all, a 4-Star Disciple Contract.

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