Top5 Asian High Quality Mobile Games

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Different from western styles, Asian mobile games always features their unique oriental elements. If you are fond of Chinese, Korean and Japanese art style and story background, you have to check out the recommended collection for the Top5 high quality mobile games from Asia.


Top 1: Dragon Nest Mobile

The 3D action MMORPG Dragon Nest Mobile from Tencent is now live in all platforms in China. The game is based on the popular MMORPG Dragon Nest from Eyedentity Games. Players can come back to the familiar fantasy world to continue the storyline in your memory, we can create the 4 classes: warrior, archer, sorceress and cleric, the mobile version will keep the class advancement from the client game.

Different from most of the action mobile games, Dragon Nest Mobile acquires higher control skills as players need to aim at the enemy and defeat them by their own controls instead of autoplay. The PvP mode in Dragon Nest Mobile provides us more choices, such as rank, 3v3, GvG, etc.


After putting on various kinds of fashions, players can take photos, dance or make other social gestures in game. In a guild, players can even play poker and plant trees. This is not enough, the social feature in Dragon Nest Mobile also brings us live stream and in game voice call. Are you ready to fight for the beautiful Alteria?


Interested gamers can head for the Dragon Nest Mobile official website for more information, or you can click the download links below to give the game a try!

availableonthe_googleplay available_on_appstore

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