Slow Character Progression in MMORPGs Might not Have a Future

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You won't find many MMORPGs today that have slow character progression. Leveling and gearing your character was once an immensely enjoyable task, from completing all the various quests that you were given, from raiding all the exciting dungeons that you unlock once you reach a specific level.


This process of leveling and gearing was slow, but it allowed you to grow together with your character, bit by bit. Well, this doesn't really exist today, sadly, as now players use any tactic available power level to reach the highest possible level and to get the best gear as quickly as possible. Players today are rather impatient, and they want everything as quickly as it can be done.


Can an MMORPG today have slow character progression? Possibly, but the players would probably complain as soon as it took them more than a week to go over the game's content. That is quite a shame, since these players are rather new and are just starting to get into the MMORPG genre, so they will never get to experience how it feels to put in hard work to level and gear your character, and the satisfaction when all your hard work finally pays off.

There are of course exceptions, like Black Desert and the latest update to Aion, but the massive amount of grind needed does not make this process enjoyable.


Maybe we really need an MMORPG with slow character progression so that these new players see how it feels to actually put in a lot of effort to accomplish something, and not just power level through everything in a week.

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