Should In-game Friendships Be taken seriously?

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People should take in-game friendships much more seriously, as people don't seem to know how a friend from a game can help when life really grabs you in a chokehold. People that don't have a lot of friends in real life can find them in the games that they play with.

In-game Friendships

When you play the same game for a long time with the same people, you certainly develop a relationship with them, and that relationship develops further the more you play with them.

What's the difference between a friend in real life or a gaming buddy that you've been playing with for over six months? Sure, you can't get a hug from your gaming buddy, but he can be there whenever you need to talk, when you need advice, and so on. Most of these friendships also take the next step and these people even meet somewhere to have a drink, or just to see the faces of eachother.

People don't understand just how much gaming brings people together, especially MMOs where you constantly keep playing with these people, going on adventures with them, fighting together, and doing other activities with them. MMORPG players know best just how many awesome friends you can make while doing dungeons, PvP battlegrounds, and other content that requires teamwork.

In-game Friendships

You can make friends that will always be there for you, whether you're taking on tough boss or asking for some advice on girlfriends and love. But be careful, player commonly take on a fake behavior when behind a screen, and it is not easy to get to know someone in such an online context.

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