Is Lore Still Important in MMORPGs?

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What do you think, is lore these days even important in MMORPGs? Are the developers putting in any effort to make a compelling, interesting story for the player to follow? The lore of the world, is it fleshed out, does it even make sense?

See, at one point, many MMORPG developers stopped paying any attention to the lore of their games. Explanations and stories and all sorts of info about the game's world were once in-depth, so the whole universe of the MMORPG had some sense to it. Today, that is not the case.


Just try to read some lore in an MMORPG that you're playing today and then come back and tell me how good the lore is. Tell me just how much work was put into it, just how much it interested you and made you care for the world that you're playing in. I bet it bored you to death within minutes.

But, this issue isn't exactly the game developer's fault, at least not completely, as, over time, players just stopped paying attention to the lore and the story and other things, and they just focused on getting the highest level, getting the best gear, and so on.


Lore is a basic element of the whole role-playing experience, and without it, MMORPGs cannot provide a full package. Many of us need a firm background story to follow throughout the leveling process as well as the endgame content.

There are many exceptions, but it can be said with confidence, that MMORPGs nowadays do not come with massive, complex universes that you can explore for many, many years. It is also likely, that lore will gradually lose its purpose as more titles will be focusing on fast-paced action and quick character progression.

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