Diablo 3 Necromancer Update: the Meleemancer

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A new blog posted on Diablo 3's official site details the skills and abilities of the upcoming class - the Necromancer. The overall theme of the Necromancer is Blood and Bone magic, and the skills include:



Grim Scythe: Swing a huge scythe in a wide arc, dealing damage and restoring Essence.

Blood Nova: Unleash a powerful nova dealing massive damage to surrounding enemies.

Devour: Consume corpses to instantly restore Essence to power your other skills.

Golem: Summon a powerful ally like the mighty Blood Golem, which can drain the blood from your enemies, dealing damage and restoring your health. 

Blood Rush: Shed your mortal flesh and pass through solid objects to swiftly reach a new location.

Leech: Curse enemies so that attacking them transfers their life energy to you

This new blog also reveals the official character model for the female Necromancer.


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