What Movie or TV Show would You Base an MMORPG on?

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There are loads of movies and TV shows that have some awesome universes and characters and events that would work wonders in an MMORPG. Why bother with creating an interesting universe and making up the lore for it when you can just base it on something that's complete, interesting, and already has a fanbase?


So many movies and TV shows to pick from, it's hard to choose only one, but, for example, why isn't anyone making an X-Men MMORPG for example? The mutations would work as abilities, you wouldn't even need classes in the game, you could just keep upgrading that one mutation power and shaping it however you like to. Or imagine an MMORPG set in the universe of the Vikings TV show.


There's lots of action there, and the characters and their stories are absolutely amazing, which would be great for a story-driven MMORPG, which are a rare sight these days.

Sci-fi TV shows could also work well as the basis of an MMORPG, like The 100, which I would personally love to see become reality, along with the massive amount of such movies, including Prometheus and the Riddick series.


Well, we can certainly hope that that one day a game developer decides to take one of many epic movies and TV shows and decides to base an MMORPG on it. What movie or TV show would you pick for an MMORPG to be based on?

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