Adult Swim Games Brings Rain World to PC and PS4 March 28th

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From Adult Swim Games and Videocult, survival platformer Rain World arrives on PC and PS4 March 28th. Pre-orders for Rain World on PS4 begin on March 8 for Europe and March 14th for North America.

As a small slugcat separated from your family, you must fend for yourself in a mysterious industrial wasteland the flood has carried you into. Relying on stealth, wit, and well-timed pounces, learn the rules of your new environment to keep fed while staying out of harm’s way. Both prey and predator, the creatures in Rain World’s living ecosystem follow their own survival instincts, learning from each encounter.

Rain World

Climb through the ruins of an ancient civilization, evade the jaws of vicious predators, and discover new lands teeming with strange creatures and buried mysteries when Rain World releases March 28th.

Key Features

- Sneak, climb, and pounce your way through a dynamic, ever-changing ecosystem of predators and prey

- Explore a vast world of over 1600 rooms, spanning 12 diverse regions filled with ancient secrets and undiscovered dangers

Rain World

- Nimble movements and procedurally generated animation gives slugcat a natural fluidity of movement and unique sense of weight

- Intense, primal predator encounters will challenge your reflexes

Rain World

- Limited resources and the constant, impending threat of rain will test your nerve

Interested gamers can check its official Facebook Page or Twitter for the latest updates.

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