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Rifts have been making an appearance in a lot of different games, each time in a different format, though with the same goal in mind: to obtain items and take down hordes of enemies. In the case of Mu Legend, this has been made a somewhat central part of the game, offering a fairly rewarding experience by taking part. These are procedurally generated to give a different experience every time, with different structures to the setup and different enemies.

MU Legend Rifts

Finding a Rift

If you’re exploring outside of a city, you can find rifts pretty easy. Just open up the map and scroll across it to find a “Rift” marker. Use autorun to go to it and you can enter at these spots, marked by blue space-like areas. Note that all rifts will enter you to the same random area, so it doesn’t matter where you enter from, as the outcome will always be the same.

Procedural Generation

Every time you enter a rift, even if you are at the same level as before, you will be in a new dungeon. These are randomized each time, giving you different battles, a different path, and different rewards every time. Part of this does involve a bit of pathfinding – essentially, your goal is to find your way to the next rift portal. As such, you actually don’t have to explore the entire rift you’re in if you don’t want to. Instead, just make your way around until you find the portal, enter it, go to the final boss, and you’re good to go. That said, you can definitely explore the whole thing for extra experience and rewards, should you wish to do so.

MU Legend Rifts

A Dynamic Level Setup

To start off with, rifts are dynamically leveled. If you are level 6, your enemies will be. If you’re level 10, your enemies will be. This means that you are always fighting things that are scaled to your own progression – as such, you can’t really out level the enemies to make it easier. If you love challenges, this is a great aspect of it. If you don’t, playing on an easier setting will make it a (fairly) easy battle.

What makes this so important is that because your enemies are always your level, it means they also drop items that are appropriate for where you are at the time. As you level up and decide you want better gear, this is an always open form of farming – you can just jump in and go to town! Along with this, rifts are pretty small and fast to complete, so you aren’t spending hours trying to clear one.

Pick Your Difficulty

Before you actually enter the rift, you get to pick your own difficulty. These include the following choices:

Difficulty Moster Hp Moster Attack Zen/Magic Gem Gain Rare Item Drop Rate
Normal 100% 100% 100% Normal
Hard 205% 105% 120% 150%
Master 310% 110% 140% +200%
Terror 430% 120% 160% +250%
Calamity 550% 125% 180% +300%

Essentially, the difference between normal and the hardest is that in the hardest, enemies do 25% more damage, have 450% more HP, and you earn almost twice as many gems and a much higher chance of obtaining rare items. That said, this setting is a lot more difficult than it sounds – especially if you go at it solo. The bosses are very unforgiving and it can be a quick death. But always do the hardest one you are capable of, as that will yield the best rewards. And note that you can only enter 10 times per day, so the harder the setting, the greater your chance is of obtaining items (as opposed to a few quick runs of an easy mode and being locked out).

MU Legend Rifts

Grouping Vs. Solo

If you can group up for rifts, it will make them faster to complete, lower your chances of dying, and let you run them on a more difficult setting. This can be done through manual grouping (inviting other players) or through the automatic matcher. Just make sure that everyone is close to the same level, as lower levels will have a very difficult time being productive in a higher level dungeon. The general idea here is to group up as much as possible and take on the “Calamity” setting for the best rewards.

Power Ups

As you explore, you can sometimes find powerups. Some of these will give things like increased damage or speed, while others do things like automatically zap enemies with electricity. Keep an eye out on the ground for anything that looks out of place (not part of the background), as these can be an immense help with taking down bosses or speeding up your progress through the rift.

MU Legend Rifts

Completion Rewards

Rush through as fast as possible (without dying) to get high rankings for completion. After finishing a rift, you are also given a choice of 4 cards that are face down. These can contain a wide range of items, but include things like rare weapons. Note, however, that these are always going to be random, so just pick the one you think is best each time.

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