MU Legend - A New MMO With a Light Learning Curve

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MU Legend is a new MMORPG from WEBZEN, set as a prequel to Mu Online, sometimes called “MU 2.” And it comes with one of the easiest learning curves of any game currently out, letting you quickly jump into the game and get going – without spending hours trying to figure out how everything works.

MU Legend CBT

Class Descriptions and Analyses

The first thing you deal with in the game is picking your class. It comes with the base types we’d come to expect (separation between melee, magic, ranged), but it goes a step further. It actually gives a description of how each class fares in various types of content, as well as different play styles (called “Tactics”) and analyses for them. Included are information like main weapon type, main stats you want, skills, and efficiency in attack, HP, and group content. And as soon as you finish creating your character and get in the game, it asks which of the Tactics you wish to use and helps set things up for that style. Of course, you can also deviate from this if you wish to gain even more control over your character.

A Solid Tutorial

The tutorial gives you a somewhat high-level look at how your character plays and how to go about navigating the world, taking down mobs as you go. None of the encounters are very difficult, but it’s a solid show that lets you quickly determine whether or not you are playing a class you will enjoy, as well as dumping you right into the middle of a busy battlefield so you can dip into the action. It only takes a few minutes to complete, but you should understand the movement, attacking style, etc. by the end of it.

MU Legend CBT

Navigating the Map – Questing and Travel

Probably one of the most casual-friendly aspects of Mu Legend is that it makes travel very, very easy. When you have a quest active, you can hit M to open up the map and see where you need to go and what you need to do, which is common. However, you can then right-click where you need to go and the game will automatically path you there – you don’t need to manually run back and forth to grab/turn in quests/kill things. This saves a lot of time, especially when you need to take a trip. Those couple minutes saved each time can be used for other things instead! And while it’s pathing, you can equip items, explore other menus, or whatever else it is you may want to do. Or if you want to run around on your own, that’s possible as well!

A Fragmented World

The game takes place in a segmented map setup. What this means is that instead of having one massive world (like Rift, Tera, or World of Warcraft), you are skipping from one zone to another over much smaller sections. This is in both dungeons and the open world, such that if you ever travel for a couple minutes, you are likely going to be hitting a section that takes you to a new area of the world. This is further boosted by the quest log, which allows you to track all quests at once or just those that are on the section of the map you’re on. So entering a section lets you see exactly what needs to be done so you can knock it out, without having to really plan out paths.

MU Legend CBT

Easy Mechanics to Start

At least in the beginning of the game, enemy mechanics are very easy to deal with. Most of it is based on just attacking, with no real regard to what your enemy is doing, and as you progress, there start to be a few battles where you need to watch for red area (“fire,” or AoE). These can be a little unforgiving at times, but they are fairly basic, so catching on is pretty easy. That said, further battles are likely going to have more in-depth things to watch for, but the game does seem to slowly add on, lowering the learning curve significantly.

Lots of Help Menus

While you work your way through the game, it does a great job at explaining new things you can do and how things work. If you ever forget about anything (such as magic levels and skill point allocation), that’s not an issue – it always gives a heads-up at the bottom of the screen to remind you. Things like this are huge because it’s easy to get lost in the expanse of most games. Having it remind you about different features is a great way to ensure you’re always on top of everything when it comes to your progression. After all, it’s easy to fall behind – especially if you end up taking a break at some point.

MU Legend CBT

Overall Takeaway

If you’re looking for a game that removes a lot of the normal stresses of MMORPGs, such as having to keep running back and forth between NPCs, involved battle styles, remembering game features, etc., Mu Legend is definitely a great contender. It’s quick to get up and running in, and is a solid choice for those that are looking for something a bit more casual and easygoing.

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