War Rage Takes You Back to the Real Ancient Battlefield

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War Rage is the innovative war themed MMORPG developed by NetEase for five years, it creates a new action real-time tactic gameplay for first time. In War Rage, players are able to control a general and a whole troop easily, learning how to join a war, how to ride a horse, how to fight, and how to win a siege war. Real battle is waiting for us.


The Third Closed Beta of War Rage is held from Feb.18th-25th, lucky for us to get the chance to experience the game in CN server. Like most MMORPGs, you are able to customizer your character in the beginning with hair, face details. Then you entered the tutorial for battle.


Once you enter the game, you can clearly feel the weather system in War Rage, we can experience all kinds of weather as in our daily life, sunny, rainy, sandy and foggy. The movement even gets slower when it is rainy, fires get extinguished when the rain gets heavier and arrows don’t always reach their target when it’s foggy. 



The graphic in War Rage is pretty awesome, the game is set in the Ming Dynasty of ancient China, all the constructions, clothing, equipment and armors are all customized in the style of Ming Dynasty. The sandbox gameplay in War Rage mostly reflects in clan wars, players choose different clans in game to join the clan wars. You also need to prepare provender for your troop, upgrade your army types, improve your weapons.



War element is the key in War Rage. Players can unlock various kinds of weapons in game, such as Blade Shield, short bow, sword, blunderbuss, spear, twin blades, longbow, etc. The real-time tactic is very important in War Rage as you can not only control yourself in a battlefield, but also your troop. The gameplay of action combining tactics is quite unique in MMORPG area. The most impressive feature should be the GVG and siege war, you can see numerous people fighting in one single battlefield, and all the details for war can be found in the game.



As a newbie to war game, the control seems a bit complex for me, you need to learn to balance the main character as well as your troop, up and down your horse, and switch your weapons. But it seems more like a huge epic story for us to explore. 


War Rage is definitely a good choice for those action game fans, especially war theme game fans, it not only emphasize action but also tactics and strategy. It is said that the game will be coming to the west when the game is launched in China, stay tuned.

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