How Is Bless Online Going Now?

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Are you curious about how Bless Online is going now? MMOExaminer did an exclusive interview with Aeria Games about the western version of Bless Online. The whole interview can be found on this page.

MMOE: Is Aeria still working on Bless Online?

AG: Yes, we are very excited to work on the Bless project. We have been in close contact with the developers for a long time already. We know that the game is highly anticipated – and we want it to meet the high expectations of players.

MMOE: How close will the Western version be to the Korean version in regards to updates?

AG: Bless was designed right from the start with the intent to please Western players. Therefore, the content found in the Western version will be very close to that of the Korean version. However, the Korean version will be the first to receive updates, a common practice for games developed in Asia.


MMOE: Are there plans to provide content exclusive to the Western version – e.g. cultural cosmetics and events based on local holidays?

AG: Yes, we are working on this sort of requests, too. We are totally aware that this kind of content – e.g. the “Oktoberfest” – is highly appreciated in the west. It has already proven itself in previous games launched by Aeria Games.


MMOE: Is there an estimate for the first beta test?

AG: We are still talking to the developers because some of the features relate to the engine or core of the game. Hence, we need you guys to bear with us and be patient. We want to release a quality game and to do so, we need your support.


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