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Nioh, an action game that many hardcore gamers are looking forward to, finally landed in PS4 officially last week. Refreshed blow feedback, gorgeous picture and highly difficult tasks, all this features make NION became players' hot topic suddenly. But this masterpiece cannot be played in other platforms. Today we will recommand some action mobile games with high quality for you.


Maybe you are wondering about the difficulty and fineness of action games in mobile platform. But I'm sure that we won't let you down today. I thinking about what's Hardcore Game, It typically mean the game has a certain threshold of difficulty. And it requires players have a good level in playing game, so that they can enjoy fun of the game. Because of its high difficulty and unique style so users of those game are quite fixed. So do not simply put the game capacity or content complexity as a measure of a game. It also can be achieved in mobile games, such as the following.

Honkai Impact 3


Honkai Impact is a 3D mobile RPG where players use battle girls called valkyria to defend humanity in a futuristic world. Master fluid combat controls, enhance valyria, and equip them with better gear to crush enemies.


Humanity is on the brink of extinction in a futuristic world in Honkai Impact, a 3D mobile RPG also known as Gun Girls Z 3. Players acquire battle girls with superhuman powers called valkyria, and can take up to three into combat. Each valkyria has different stats, weapon loadouts, and abilities.

Enhance skill attributes, improve gear, and feed the girls resources to level them up. March through the story campaign featuring cutscenes and voiceovers with high production value. Master the fluid combat system in 3D graphics that showcases the Unreal Engine 4 with intuitive slowmotion, chaining attacks and dodging blows in real-time. Increase the heart level between you and each valkyria, participate in events, and log in daily for rewards.

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