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Why haven't we seen a sports MMORPG yet? Out of all the ideas for MMORPGs, why hasn't some developer out there decided that they want to make an MMORPG about football, or basketball, or swimming, or sports in general.

Maybe it's because people want to do things in MMORPGs that can't be done in real life, but that wouldn't be the case as we seem to get plenty of games that are focusing really hard on being realistic, which means that you can't do things there that you can't just go outside and do.


So, why aren't we seeing a sports MMORPG in the making? It's an interesting topic, especially considering how much sports got introduced in things that you didn't see get introduced before.

We saw lots of sports in anime, but we never saw much anime that completely focused on sports, until we started seeing anime like Kuroko no Basket, Free!, Days, and so on. Lots of people that watch anime also play MMORPGs, so why don't we take one of these anime and take them as a building block for an MMORPG that will be about sports. I think something like this could be really popular, but it could also fail miserably. But, we can't know if we never get the chance to play this type of MMORPG.

Maybe the developers simply don't know how to make an idea like this work, but I personally would love to see a sports MMORPG one day, just to see how that would look like.

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