GW2 - Ascended Gear Vending Soon to Require Crafting

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In a major change to how Ascended gear is acquired in Guild Wars 2, the system is going through a fairly big transformation. This will be coming with the next release of the game’s updates, and will be adding some additional costs to those that want to buy the gear through a vendor, including both PvP and PvE players alike, working to help strengthen the economy a bit.


The Change – Adding Crafts

Obtaining gear – even through vending – will require player crafting going forward. As ArenaNet states, “The cost for a piece of gear will now include a crafted token which shows a player’s mastery of the appropriate crafting discipline, the game mode specific currency, and raw gold.” For those that are used to just being able to buy it outright, you may want to get new pieces as soon as possible – this change will greatly increase the cost if you’ve been saving up currency. That said, as of yet, it is not entirely clear how much it is going to cost, nor the market valuation of whatever is needed. They do state that it will be a “considerable cost” being added on, but nothing past that yet.

Why is This Happening?

ArenaNet has made it fairly clear in the past that they are always analyzing the game’s economy and doing what they can to help keep it healthy. From altering the materials in items to boosting or lowering the rarity of things, they have been on top of it, bringing about changes that are there to help keep things from getting wildly out of control. This is yet another step in that direction, as they state, “Ascended crafting is vital to sustaining a healthy economy and it is important that we keep that in place even when a player acquires ascended items via a vendor.” Essentially, this is another bridge to help keep the auction house a necessity – or at least give it a desirable function – for those that are mostly just interested in PvP. And it helps cause players to rely on each other a bit more, bringing about a stronger community aspect, which has been lost in the PvP world when it comes to gear and other items.


Taking Away the Optimal Path

Players will generally take the easiest path when it comes to getting gear, and Ascended items are no different. Being able to pick and choose what you want and get it with little to no effort definitely has its positives to a lot of players. But ANet wants to help bring things back to an equal field. Grant, producer of PvP, states, “Ascended vending is not intended to be the optimal path for acquiring ascended gear, but rather a way for players to acquire the gear through time spent playing their preferred game mode.” Furthermore, it is clarified that the cost of obtaining gear through this new system, even though it does involve some crafting, will still come at “a moderate discount” over the other traditional crafting. Again, however, there is little information to help compare the two and make an analyzation as to exactly how it is going to be different.

Getting Your Gear Now

If you already have Ascended Shards of Glory saved up and have just been waiting until you can afford a full set of gear, wait no longer – spend them as soon as possible if you want to get a head start before this goes into effect. Up until the update actually comes out, the system will remain as it has been. As such, the time between now and then (which is expected to be this upcoming Wednesday) is the perfect time to knock it out as fast as possible while the current prices are still intact.


Is it the Right Move?

ANet has definitely had some criticism about various updates and changes they have made over the past, but I think it is safe to say that they are very attentive to details and do what they think is the best thing for all players, and the servers as a whole. Its economy is one of the few that hasn’t been battered to death from updates, and through a lot of transparency, they help better understand not just what they are changing, but why they are changing it. This is yet another one of those systems, and while it is going to come as a blow to PvPers that had everything mapped out and planned for their Ascended gear, the change is coming with good intentions in mind. And luckily, with this update there is still a decent amount of time (and a weekend), so those that want to get their gear set quickly before it changes over still have the opportunity to do so – it’s not a stealth update or one with little to no forewarning.

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