Rift - Review and Guide for Queen's Foci LFR

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Queen’s Foci is the first raid instance added to Rift as part of the new “Looking for Raid” system. It is designed to help give some more casual players the experience of being able to raid – and the rewards. But when it comes to getting a full experience from it, this one falls considerably short.

Rift LFR

A Single Boss: Hexathel

With the past and how other games have handled raid instances, there are usually multiple encounters within them. This will almost always include trash mobs, and then some bosses scattered around. Rift’s previous raids did follow this same recipe as well, though this one is far different. When you enter, it is your raid and one mob – the boss itself. In Queen’s Foci, it is Hexathel, a giant beast that towers above you and those that are with you.

The Mechanics

This raid instance is fairly easy, essentially a game of moving from one area to another. When you start the battle, the zone is split off into a lot of smaller squares, with a red divider around each one. This divider does a lot of damage, so your goal is to avoid it. As the battle continues, one of the corners will start flashing white. When this happens, everyone should get into it as soon as possible. That said, you want to jump over the red lines on the way there, and it also appears to be better to jump across the flat parts, rather than the intersections. Once the light stops flashing white, it’s time to return to the center. Essentially, this is just a battle of watching for the lights, moving to the specified corners quickly, and returning to the center after.

Other than the main mechanic, the boss will randomly turn people into bunnies (which can be AoE cleansed or escaped with Break Free) and spawn minions. For the minions, most groups prefer to just ignore them and focus down the boss instead – it’s a lot faster and doesn’t cause any issues with successfully tackling him.

Rift LFR

An Unforgiving Battle

Despite the fairly basic nature of the boss’ mechanics, the fight is pretty unforgiving for players. If you don’t move fast enough in OR out of the white box, it leads to a very quick death. Tack on the fact that it is a 10 player raid, and it can lead to a disaster if a few players aren’t attentive or start moving in the wrong direction. That said, it is definitely a battle of teamwork and ensuring everyone is doing what they should – and if they aren’t, the player deaths make it fairly obvious who isn’t.

A Quick Dungeon

The overall time spent within the dungeon is about 7-8 minutes, with the fight itself taking about 5 of that. The rest of the time is getting players acquainted with what is going to happen, what everyone should do, and just getting an overall group vibe going. Past that, the boss itself is quick (assuming there isn’t a wipe). The downside to this is that the queues are still pretty long, such that you spend far more time sitting in a queue than you do actually raiding. The best way around this is to join with a guild group or other premade – with the proper raid setup, you can instantly queue and enter, without waiting on a timer.

The Rewards

Item rewards vary and are random. You could go through without getting any gear, or you could get some good pieces. You get one free “roll” per week, after which you have to use Individual Reward charges if you want to go for another. That said, you can do the raid multiple times with different people, you will just still get that reward the first time (and then any subsequent ones if you want to use charges). Should you choose to take this path, it costs 5 charges for another roll, and it will also tell you how long is left before it resets (which occurs during the Wednesday reset for raids and quests).

Rift LFR

Overall Thoughts

While the encounter was quick and easy (both to learn and complete), it was a bit less than expected. Going into Rift’s previous raids gave the feeling of danger, difficulty, and exploration. In this one, however, you just enter, see the boss right in front of you, and take him on right then and there. There are no other mobs to clear out first, no paths to learn or pulls to make, and the mechanics are pretty basic compared to other raids. As such, it is a neat addition if we are thinking about the very casual players, but most are probably hoping for something that is a little (or a lot) more involved than this. Going in and hoping to get something like the old Greenscale’s Blight or something along those lines just leaves you wanting more. And at the end of the day, these should leave you feeling like you accomplished something – not like you just took down an easy boss to grab some good items. Though as of this writing, there are still plenty of server first items to snag!

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