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Royal Athenaeum is the latest addition to World of Warcraft’s LFR system. This brings about wing 2 of the Nighthold raid, including three bosses: Spellblade Aluriel, High Botanist Tel’arn, and Star Augur Etraeus. This instance has shown itself to be somewhat long – and fairly deadly to players! Prepare to spend around an hour here with a decent group. Some will be a little faster or slower, but plan on an hour on average. And the dungeon is far from being a walk in the park. Trash itself brings mechanics that must be followed, and each boss brings their own set of skills.

WoW Royal Athenaeum

Spellblade Aluriel

The first boss you come across is out in a courtyard, along with many trash mobs. It paths, so how you pull it just depends on the group – it could be at the front or the back. It’s not too difficult to take it on along with trash, so that’s the general method, by just pulling it from wherever it is.

The battle is fairly simple here, mostly just avoiding AoEs, not standing by teammates when you (or they) have pulsing AoEs, and killing minions as they spawn (multiple times) during the fight. A pretty easy encounter, it is somewhat time consuming, locking in a battle time of around 7-8 minutes.

High Botanist Tel’arn

This is, by far, the hardest boss of this dungeon. It is not only fairly mobile (there is quite a bit of movement), but there are a lot of things going on at once, making it a little overwhelming for those that aren’t conditioned for it. From things exploding to minions, breaking players out of roots, and staying out of ground AoEs, the screen can sometimes get filled with various dangerous things to watch.

Despite its dangerous nature, if you can watch everything that is happening and remain mobile as needed, it is fairly easy. That said, expect multiple players to die on this one. The general premise here is to not stand next to anything that spawns, kill adds, and avoid AoEs. As for the battle, it lasts around 8 minutes, and that can create a bit of monotony – it is the same mechanics being repeated throughout the battle, and not paying attention for even a short period can lead to death. Even so, this is a great way to work on focusing on many different mechanics at once!

WoW Royal Athenaeum

Star Augur Etraeus

This is a fairly interesting battle, as it changes scenery in a big way as you’re playing. You start out inside a building, and soon after the battle starts, the walls come down, showing you up in space – or in Etraeus’ domain. It’s a fairly nice break away from the norm of fighting a boss with a dormant scene. And it has a beautiful view (or rather multiple, since each time the walls go up and back down, it changes the universe).

Where this boss becomes a little less than fun is due to a mechanic where it casts “Witness the Void.” What this does is put you into a fear state, running around. How do you get around this? Simply look away when it is being cast – the issue is most people will not do so, and it lengthens the battle considerably. That said, there is a good part about this, which is that despite being in space and along the edge, it will not make you fall off. So it’s a bit annoying, but it isn’t a make or break mechanic. As for the battle time, you are looking at around 8-9 minutes (though this can be cut down a minute or two if most players are following the mechanics).

WoW Royal Athenaeum

Overall Thoughts

If you notice the lengths of each boss compared to the overall time, you’ll notice that they take up about half (or slightly lower than half) of your time within the instance. The rest of it is spent on trash, of which a lot of it can be dangerous, causing more deaths than even the bosses do. If the group isn’t rushing and doesn’t over-pull, things will go much faster and smoother than if they do.

The dungeon is fairly pleasing to look at, and the bosses are not overly difficult, even for first timers. Even so, being attentive is a must, as the AoEs will do you in otherwise. The encounters pretty much revolve around the basics: don’t stand in fire (AoE), don’t blast others with it (keep distance), and take down adds as soon as possible so they don’t cause issues. Once you get this down, you’re just facing off against the clock (in the sense that these battles are so repetitive that they can get boring quickly). And while some groups do end up failing to tackle one or more of the bosses (it is PUGs, after all), you should count on clearing everything on the first try.

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