TechWars Online: Top-Down Mecha Fun

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TechWars Online 2 is an isometric mecha action game that focuses on tactical thinking and efficient use of your weapons, robots, and the environment. 

You'll have the choice between the Russian ‘Derzhavy’ and American ‘Kato’ robots. Each faction has their own global technologies, the Russian "Derzhavy" robots can call in a devastating air strike, while the American "Kato" robots can protect themselves from hard for a few seconds.


TechWars Online 2 has a special "flag capture" feature that is the key to winning in battle. Tactical thinking is important, and evolving your strategy over the course of battle will be crucial for your victory.

Robots are divided into classes. The Scout is fast but fragile, best used to scout out the enemies' weaknesses and then report to your allies. The Stormtrooper is the main combat class, both powerful and hard to take down. The Support robots are the most important thing in a group, as they can restore armor and supplies during battle. The Destroyer is a sluggish robot, but it has extremely deadly firepower, so they are excellent at long-range. Lastly, we have the Titans, special units that will win the match if they're played correctly.


The players can use more than one robot at a time, and each of them can have their weapons modified.

If you like to destroy everything around you, TechWars Online 2 gives you the ability to destroy most objects in the game. Your robots can also be damaged, so make sure your robots don't lose their robotic arms.

TechWars Online 2 looks like it could be a really interesting isometric MMO with robots, but we'll have to wait and see until the game leaves Early Access.

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