The Forest: First Impressions

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The Forest surprised me quite a lot, it's an interesting survival horror game with an actual story to follow.

I started the game off by surviving a plane crash with my son, but my son then got taken from me by a strange man in red. Lots of things happened since then.


I liked The Forest so much because it really is a survival game. You have to build log cabins and make various items so that you can live to see another day. Because cannibals attack you, and they work really hard to kill you.

I was quite surprised by how the game enhances its atmosphere by really well-placed sound effects. I can't even explain how scary it is when you're walking around in the dark and suddenly hear footsteps approaching you. The graphics aren't the best, but they made the environment feel really dangerous, and paranoia will make even trees look like a crazy cannibal just standing there and staring at you.


I found bugs here and there, but they weren't anything major that really hindered my gaming experience. Another part of The Forest is the mystery surrounding everything. What's wrong with this island, why are the inhabitants there cannibals, where is your son? The story blends in perfectly with the whole feel of the game, and it's been a long time since I got gripped by a survival's game atmosphere this much.

Check the Forest out, it's certainly a horror survival game that actually feels like a horror survival game. TechWars Online 2 looks like it could be a really interesting isometric MMO with robots, but we'll have to wait and see until the game leaves Early Access.

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