Mobius Final Fantasy PC: First Impressions

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Mobius Final Fantasy is a really cool little mobile port that is quite interesting if you have the time to play it.

The combat is pretty simple, and fun, so you won't have any trouble in figuring out how to attack and things like that. Your cards are your attacks, so you will fuse cards, get them during the game, and so on, how it usually works with these types of games.


Now, what most people are mad about when it comes to this game is the fact that you can buy magicite, but I don't really know why people are so mad about, since you can earn it just by playing the game, and in quite a fair amount actually, so I don't get why people are saying that the game is pay2win.

Anyway, the graphics are actually quite pretty, especially on the PC version. Battles are pretty quick, and the graphical effects are shiny and interesting to look at, which is key to making combat interesting in these games.


Since it is a Final Fantasy game, even Mobius Final Fantasy has a job system with over 15 jobs, and from what I saw they are all interesting and mostly enjoyable in their own way.

Some proper keyboard controls would be nice, since we are playing on a PC here and not a mobile phone, so let's hope they add it sooner rather than later.

Overall, Mobius Final Fantasy is looking like a really fun little RPG, and even if you're not a Final Fantasy fan, you'll like the game as an action-packed, flashy, fantasy RPG, with plenty of great story elements to follow and well-developed characters.

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