Hearthstone Expansion: Lost Secrets of Un'Goro Leaked

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By michael_fuchsDate: Feb 13 2017 Views:


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The next expansion of Hearthstone is believed to have been leaked, thanks to fans who spent their free-time looking through resumes of voice actors.


In the resume of voice actor Lani Minella (which has been removed since the discovery), it mentioned that she did work on the Hearthstone: Lost Secrets of Un’Goro. She specifically listed herself as providing the voices of several dinosaurs and beasts in the upcoming expansion.

Providing sources are true, this means that the next expansion will dive into the Un’Goro Craetor, a jungle zone filled with dinosaurs.


According to Reddit, revealed cards include: Golakka Crawler, Pteradactyl, Anklesaur, Hydra, Brontosaurus

While Minella did voice acting of (in the past): Faceless summoner, Twilight Geomancer, Ancient Shield Bearer, Darkshire Librarian Cult Master, Arathi Weapon Smith, Imp Master

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