Evolvation: The Game In a Nutshell

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Evolvation is a multiplayer arena with spaceships, obviously taking place in space.

From start, I noticed that you won't find too many people that currently play the game. But, that can improve over time, as the game is still fresh, so I'm sure that more players will start playing eventually.


Now, let's start with the combat. The game offers you the choice of Highspeed, Fighter, Stealth, Support, and Tank classes of ships. You have well over 10 spaceships to chose from, so the diversity is also quite good. You pick your engine, your secondary and primary weapon, so you get some say when it comes to your ship. Everything from flying to shooting feels absolutely impactful and as it should, but the audio of the game is severely lacking, as the sound of explosions and lasers is not quite as it should be. The sound you hear after you fire a laser should give you chills the first time you hear it, not leave you disappointed. Flying is also quite smooth, which is especially important if you're flying a really fast ship. There are 8 maps in the game, and all of them are quite distinct when it comes to their obstacles and environment design. From what I saw in the reviews, people are having trouble with the tutorial in Evolvation, but it's quite easy once you get a hang of it, so you will have a bit of trouble at the start, but you'll learn to pilot your ship masterfully quite soon.


Evolvation has a ton of potential, and it could become quite a complex experience with a few more updates. As it is now, it's still an interesting class-based space shooter with good graphics, interesting gameplay, and shoddy audio sounds. But you should definitely check it out if you want to shoot at spaceships from your spaceship, in space.

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